Sir, I have invested Rs 50,000 in my currency trading account four months back & today my account is up by 105% i.e. Rs 1,05,000. Thank you for your Strategy & life time money making device.
Mr. Milind Moghe (Employee) Mumbai.
Hello Rajesh Sir,
with your current trading strategy I am sure I will create wealth in coming years.
Thank you for teaching this strategy to people and helping them to create wealth, I am more than happy to give my feedback to new customers.
Mr. Naveen Khandekar (Businessman) Mumbai.
२ ० . ० १ . २ ० १ ३ रोजी Rajesh Enterprises मार्फत Training घेतले .
त्यांनी दिलेल्या माहिती प्रमाणे मी २ ० . ० १ . २ ० १ ३ रोजी पासून sms follow करत आले आहे. त्यामुळे मी आतपर्यंत lose करत होते तो थांबून थोड्याफार प्रमाणात profit मिळवू लागले. परंतु August 2013 मध्ये पुर्वीचा lose भरून काढायचा विचार डोक्यात आला आणि त्याचवेळी चांगले मिळणारे profit गमावून बसले. मी फकत sms follow केले असते तर आज lose cover केला असता. मी चुक केली तशी चुक कोणीही करू नका. यापुढे मी फकत आणि फकत sms follow करीन.

Mrs. Nandini Mathkar (HouseWife) Chiplun.
Hi, I'm Rahul Ingale. I have been using this strategy taught by Mr. Rajesh Shet, since May 2013. I would like to share that the strategy works, and I am satisfied with it. Though there are ups and downs always in financial market , but at the end it is profit that matters, and believe me, right now my account is in PROFIT from where I started.

This strategy is profitable in this unpredictable market. Finally I would like to thank Mr. Rajesh Shet for sharing such a valuable piece of information with me.
Mr. Rahul Ingle (Trader) Andheri.
Superb....I had attened first free seminar & after that paid seminar. Its a perfact solution of second income for a laymen, who dont know high knowledge of share market, who are doing job or business .

Giving less time, without much technical knowledge of share market. Perfect planning programe, with financial management, strategy planning, risk management, with all different way to earning in share market. Its really decipline creat wealth....thanks
Mr. Kirtikumar Khandor (Mumbai).