About Us

" What is trading & why it is significant in our life "is the key factor to begin our journey.

Rajesh Enterprise is a dynamic organization focused on imparting training in Indian Financial market. Just about everyone can get trained through our tried and tested Strategy to trade and book profits in the Financial Market.

In fact we have developed best trading technique, which is very simple and fast to learn. You need not have any kind of financial background or prior experience of the share bazar. No wonder that freshers and even housewives besides businessmen find our Training is very effective.

Thus at we firmly believe that there are limitless opportunities and avenues for everyone to enhance their standard of living through Financial trading. Financial trading doesn’t require any extra-ordinary mind, it simply requires discipline and technique.

"Discipline Creates Wealth" is the Principle of Rajesh Enterprises.


Become utmost reliable & successful financial training company. Help every individual to produce wealth through trading.

Psychology plays an important role in Trading Profession to become Efficacious, we educate people to pursue discipline & control over reactions while trading to avoid blunders in financial market.






 About Rajesh shet

Mr Rajesh shet, founder of “Rajesh Enterprises” Training & Advisory Services, B.E. Mechanical from Mumbai University. His engineering contextual & Analytical mind fetches him in the arena of Trading. Worked as a Technical Analyst for more than 5yrs in a Leading Broking Firm.

After abundant years of research in his trading carrier, he has invented a unique Trading strategy called “IMPASSIVE TRADING” which is a Trademark Training Program. This Strategy helps traders to eliminate emotions while trading in currency market.

He stimulates and boosts people to trade in Financial Market, which is the world’s best market to gain affluence. His 13 years of exploration, sympathetic and skill have helped people to make wealth.

He has trained 3000+ people across India in the currency market.

Mr Rajesh also completed his Post Graduation in Theater Arts from Mumbai University. Having such circumstantial he is a virtuous Instructor & Orator.

“Don’t Stab Sprint in Marathon”
is trademark epistle by Mr. Rajesh Shet